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Unleash Your Leadership Potential

It can be frustrating when you feel like your message is falling on deaf ears. But it doesn't have to be that way.  

Our solution is designed to break through the silence and bridge the gap between your management team and your employees. We understand the challenges of communication in the workplace, and we have the tools and strategies to ensure your message is not put on mute. 

At our organization, we firmly believe that everyone has the potential to become a remarkable leader with the appropriate training and coaching.

To truly excel as leaders and champions of productivity, managers must be willing to identify areas for personal growth and adapt to help both themselves and their teams achieve superior results, rather than grappling with challenges.

With over 25 years of experience in leadership, consulting, and coaching, Marderé Birkill is a thought leader in coaching and leadership training. Her guidance is instrumental in cultivating new leadership skills that give exceptional outcomes in employee communication and motivation.

Countless managers have already embraced a coaching style of leadership, witnessing its transformative power in their teams. It encourages a sense of ownership, sparks interest, and promotes accountability - an eye-opening experience for these leaders. And now, you too can use its power!



"You can't be a good manager unless you are a good coach." Harvard Business Review

What You'll Learn

Tired of traditional management methods that stifle growth? With coaching leadership, you'll: 

  • Empower Your Team: Break free from being a bottleneck and enable your team to evaluate solutions independently.
  • Multiply Success: Eliminate bad habits of overmanagement and become a multiplier of skills within your organization.
  • Cultivate Growth: Liberate potential through empowering questions, challenge your team to reach new heights, and instill unwavering accountability.

Solve Common Management Challenges: 

  • Improve Employee Engagement: Align employee goals with the organization's mission to boost motivation, commitment, and job satisfaction.
  • Reduce Tension Through Conflict Resolution: Identify conflict root causes, facilitate constructive conversations, and promote open communication for higher morale and productivity.
  • Enhance Workplace Culture: Drive positive behavior change by setting clear expectations, coaching, and fostering inclusivity to create a healthier, more productive environment.
  • Optimize Employee Performance: Implement performance management processes with clear expectations, regular feedback, and development plans to align employees with organizational goals.
  • Cultivate Innovation: Create an environment encouraging creativity, experimentation, and continuous improvement to stay competitive and adapt to market trends for organizational growth.

Powerful Coaching as a Leadership Style Program

Online Program Starting April 18, 2024

Program Details

Are you ready to transform your leadership style and unleash your team's potential? Join our Coaching Style of Leadership Program and embark on a journey of profound growth and impact.

  • In-Person Duration + Format:  9 Half-Day Sessions delivered over 9 Months
  • Online Duration + Format: 7 Half-Day Sessions delivered over 12 weeks
  • Expert Facilitator: Mardere Birkill. ICF-Certified Executive Coach with 2500+ Coaching Hours
  • Comprehensive Resources: Printed or Digital Workbook with Tips, Tools, and Exercises
  • Eligible for Grants to Offset Costs: Our course qualifies for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant, the British Columbia Employer Training Grant, and similar provincial streams of the Canada Job Grant. These grants cover ⅔ of the tuition cost for our program. 


About the program`s author

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Marderé Birkill, MBL,CEC,PCC brings over 25 years of executive leadership, consulting and coaching experience with a solid foundation in strategic planning and execution. She has served in various high-ranking positions within both public and private organizations, including as the Vice President Academic at Portage College and as an Executive Account Director in the IT industry. 

Possessing a Master's in Business Leadership, Marderé has not only developed but also taught multiple university-level business administration courses. In 2016, she founded Sage & Summit Consulting, where she guides leaders in creating high-performing teams that thrive on synergy. Renowned for her exceptional communication skills, transformative leadership, and innovative problem-solving abilities, she has successfully overseen numerous internal and external teams, committees, and boards, driving them to unprecedented accomplishments.

Marderé is an engaging speaker and facilitator, known for her talent in inspiring dynamic engagement among audiences. Furthermore, her international experience equips her to collaborate with diverse groups and navigate complex human dynamics on multiple levels. 


Why Take This Course?

Our program fosters an environment where people feel safe, belong, and thrive. Discover the power of aligning goals, providing motivation, and increasing accountability in every interaction with your team. 

Join us in redefining leadership and embark on a journey to elevate your team, organization, and future.

By the end of this program, you'll be armed with cutting-edge tools and techniques in the art of coaching—empowering your staff in every situation.

Enroll Today and Lead with Impact!

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